Re: [ANNOUNCE] New PC-Speaker driver

From: Stas Sergeev (
Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 11:19:42 EST


Albert D. Cahalan wrote:
>> as it's opened it starts generating some horrible clicks and a
>> high-pitched whine.
>> Do I blame my motherboard (actually, a laptop)? Is there any way to
>> fix this, or at least improve it?
> Adding a capacitor is supposed to help a PC speaker
> sound driver.
Ah, of course, that's what Denis Vlasenko was talking
about, now I see.
Clicks are caused by disabled ints, but whine is another
Recalling my old 386 board where I tried similar driver
under DOS and it also produced high pitched tone so I
ended up adding a capacitor, which solved the problem.
Now I think that the better solution is to add an option
to use higher modulation rates.
I have added an option to use 36KHz instead of 18.5KHz.
I beleive that this is far above the frequency range of
any motherboard and can solve the problem.

Andrew Rodland, could you please test the new patch from
my page and see if enabling the high freq modulation fixes
your problem, at least whine, not clicks?

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