Re: pdc202xx.c fails to compile in 2.5.15

From: Martin Dalecki (
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 07:03:56 EST

Uz.ytkownik Franz Sirl napisa?:
> Alan Cox wrote:
>> > Because of there are apparently devices on which you must check
>> device class
>> > (2.5.14 talks about CY82C693 and IT8172G), I'll leave proper fix on
>> Martin,
>> > but simple fix below work fine on my Asus A7V.
>> You need to do specific checks for the device in question. Removing the
>> class check btw is something anyone reading this message should not do
>> even in the same situation unless they know precisely what other
>> mass storage class devices they have present. You can easily trash a
>> raid array otherwise
> I think you are probably talking about the class check for unknown
> devices a few lines above in 2.5.15. Removing the class check when a
> driver already claimed responsibility just reinstates what we had in
> 2.4. The removal is in IDE 61.

Witht the exception that there are not proper vendor id cheks in
2.4 there. Oh well...

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