devfs vs. devpts

From: Ian Soboroff (
Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 08:45:35 EST

I'm running 2.4.2ac7, and am having problems with Unix98 ptys.
Occasionally rxvt and Eterm fail to run because they can't get
permission to create their entry in /dev/pts. So i wondered if i have
a devfs problem, which led me to the following...

In Documentation/filesystems/devfs/README, it is thus written:

        Disable devpts
        I've had a report of devpts mounted on /dev/pts
        not working correctly. Since devfs will also manage /dev/pts,
        there is no need to mount devpts as well. You should either
        edit your /etc/fstab so devpts is not mounted, or disable
        devfs from your kernel configuration.

i don't have devpts mounted under 2.4.2 (debian checks whether you
have devfs before mounting devpts), so i tried building my kernel with
Unix 98 pty support but without the devpts filesystem. i get the
following error at the very end of 'make bzImage':

drivers/char/char.o: In function `pty_close':
drivers/char/char.o(.text+0x6646): undefined reference to `devpts_pty_kill'
make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1

so the devfs documentation is wrong; pty_close depends on
functionality from devpts. and secondly, has anyone else had problems
under 2.4.x creating entries in /dev/pts?


Ian Soboroff                             
University of MD Baltimore County
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