From: Linus Torvalds (
Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 15:41:46 EST

Ok, as the truncate problems really seem to be fixed, it's time to do an
official test8, the first development kernel in about a year and a half
that should have a working truncate() again. Thanks to everybody who
tested, and especially to Al Viro who did a lot of the heavy lifting.

There are a number of other various changes there too - the truncate fix
itself was fairly small, it was just more complex than most problems that
can be solved in 50 lines of code.

The only one of any note that I'd like to point out directly is the
clarification in the COPYING file, making it clear that it's only _that_
particular version of the GPL that is valid for the kernel. This should
not come as any surprise, as that's the same license that has been there
since 0.12 or so, but I thought I'd make that explicit.

Why? There's been some discussions of a GPL v3 which would limit licensing
to certain "well-behaved" parties, and I'm not sure I'd agree with such
restrictions - and the GPL itself allows for "any version" so I wanted to
make this part unambigious as far as my personal code is concerned.

The reason I wanted to mention that particular issue here explicitly
(rather than as just a one-liner in the changelog) is that code written by
others is obviously under _their_ discretion, and not limited by my
personal foibles, fears and misgivings.

If anybody wants to explicitly state that their code will be valid under
any version of the GPL (current or future - whatever they may look like),
please send patches to say so for the code in question. If you've used the
FSF boiler-place copyright notice, you already have this in place (it says
"v2 or later" - the FSF itself doesn't recommend v1 any more).

(Me, I'm taking the careful "wait and see" approach. I don't know if a GPL
v3 is imminent, and I don't know if the issues discussed will even
_become_ real issues, so you might as well consider me a paranoid, if
careful, bastard).


 - pre1
    - Oops. Moved back stallion.c to drivers/char. It's not a TV driver.
      Never has been, and I don't see it ever really becoming one ;)
    - mca.c: outp_b() should be outb_p(). Obviously nobody actually
      _uses_ the MCA bus any more ;)
    - umsdos should be ok again after the page_address() type-changes.
    - re-enable asynchronous read-ahead code.
    - Sun ESP driver update
    - netfilter debug fixes
    - IPv6 needs to register before proto_init()
    - socket() error code fix (EAFNOSUPPORT instead of EINVAL)
    - potential TCP socket leak fix
    - don't self-deadlock on the kbd_controller_lock when probing for the mouse
    - CONFIG_SMB_NLS_REMOTE didn't work. Silly typo.
    - scheduler wakeup race condition could cause delayed scheduling on SMP..
    - net/packet/af_packet.c: use the standard macros for marking page resevredness
    - ncpfs buffer-overflow fix
    - thread groups, take 1.
    - USB storage driver update
 - pre2
    - The TCP socket leak patch _really_ went in this time.
    - get rid of more suser() checks in networking.. It's "capable(CAP_NET_ADMIN)".
    - sparc updates
    - alpha updates. Fast alpha xor for raid. AP1000 updates.
    - Wonders never cease. digiboard driver updates. Christoph Lameter is BAAACK!
    - SiS frame buffer driver updates. Can be used without a BIOS.
    - nfsd interface cleanup.
    - fix potential buffer overruns in get_partition_list. Remove
      limitation of one page.
    - floppy driver capability cleanups. Use "request_region()".
    - handle dcache flushing when there are shared user mappings that
      may be dirty.
    - get rid of the "xxxx_ret()" user access macros. They are more complex than
      just doing the return directly and they hide what's going on.
    - fix up broken BIOSes that don't give unique ID's to different APICs
    - make more of the drm drivers compile on other platforms and know
      about the signal blocking issues.
    - net/atm/mpoa_proc.c: user-space access thinko
    - pcmcia: David Hinds: merge updates from 3.1.20
    - pcmcia: non-ISA machines really shouldn't use ISA interrupts ;)
    - ext2: truncate races and error code return fixes
    - true shared signals for pthreads..
 - pre3:
    - ext2: final truncate piece - fix the innd problem.
    - use "sfence" for x86 memory barrier when available.
    - remove the thread-group signal code for now: no feedback.
      Leave the cleanups in place so that we can add it back in
      cleanly later, but remove the new features.
    - ARM update.
    - released for Al Viro to check the truncate thing
 - pre4:
    - truncate really fixed this time. Everybody agrees.
 - pre5:
    - truncate. Guess what? We threw away the key to the clue-box.
    - simplify signal notification. And remember the spinlock.
    - VIA ide driver update (well, rewrite - the old one was buggy and broken)
    - network driver fixes (not checking for oom etc)
    - USB serial driver SMP locking fixes
    - fix memory leak on failed USB configuration queries
    - USB initialization using proper "init()" calls.
    - dvd capacity bug fix and other cdrom driver cleanups
    - sis5513 IDE chipset update
    - do_fork() - add "stack-top" for ia64 (and potentially other
      architectures that may care)
    - devfs support for LVM
    - quota transfer miscount fix
    - x86 checksum/copy prefetch
    - NFS sillydelete fix
    - mark_buffer_dirty() doesn't actually use the second argument. Delete it.
    - SCSI communications device - no need to complain about it
    - SCSI WP test fix (all pages, not just the first one)
    - epic driver update
    - fix pcmcia "driver asserts interrupts when booting up" issues
 - pre6:
    - truncate - the never-ending story. Makes me feel like a long
      Kurosawa movie. But in this one the hero _will_ survive, or my
      name isn't Maxwell.
    - SCSI tape driver potential memory leak.
    - XMM FP handler bug fix: we really must not change the FP error
      mask on exceptions. People care.
 - final:
    - sparc updates
    - routing cleanups
    - fix up warnings
    - USB: dsbr driver update and warning cleanup
    - USB: update the status file timestamps when changes occur
    - USB: clean up module init/exit. No more explicit inits.
    - USB: bluetooth and microtek driver updates
    - serial.c: remove duplicated code. Add SGI serial port signature.
    - /proc/kcore and ncpfs - more care with kernel virtual addresses
    - discontiguous memory initialization fixup
    - sd oom fixes
    - pcmcia state machine fixes.
    - microcode driver update - make sure we get a sane revision level
    - copyright license version clarification (make v2 explicit)
    - epic100, 8139too and tulip driver updates
    - clean up truncate_inode_pages (no, this has nothing to do with the
      rest of the truncate issues)
    - jffs update

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